Are Tom and Jerry best friends? The Age old question

tom and jerry

As we hear the name Tom and Jerry, it brings back all our childhood memories. Tom and Jerry is not just a show, it’s an emotion for so many people. People from all age groups love it and have a lot of memories of this show.

However, while watching the show, one question must have crossed your mind. Are Tom and Jerry best friends? Why is Tom always chasing Jerry? Did he kill him at the end? We will answer all your questions in this article. Moreover, there is a viral post that has been floating all over the internet claiming that Tom and Jerry are best friends. Let’s find out if that is true or not!

Are Tom and Jerry really best friends?

Although at first glance, you must think that they are enemies and that Tom is always chasing Jerry. However, the truth is that Tom and Jerry are best friends. So, why does Tom keep on chasing and fighting with Jerry?

As this question created a wave of memes and controversy on the internet. Different people have different opinions on this, and everyone has their own perspective on the show. However, according to popular opinion, Tom and Jerry are actually best friends.

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Tom used to chase Jerry because he didn’t want his owner to think that he was a useless cat. So he pretended to chase Jerry and ran after him and had fights with him all the time. But in reality, Tom didn’t want his owner to replace him with another cat who would actually kill jerry.

This theory was supported by most of the fans, and they refer to many episodes where both Tom and Jerry were actually having a great time and enjoying each other’s company. Moreover, they only start to fight when someone is around them. This shows that Tom and Jerry were Best friends who pretended to be enemies.

Do Tom and Jerry Hate each other?

It is very evident that Tom and Jerry are after each other’s lives, and Tom wants to catch Jerry to impress his owner. This is a common notion that most of us had during our childhood.

However, it was also quite evident that they tried to make each other’s life hell. Jerry was not scared of tom, and he used to annoy Tom without any reason. This is why people can think that they both hate each other and Tom wants to kill Jerry.

Tom and Jerry Pretend to Hate each other

As we all know, Tom was a lazy cat, and most of the time, he was chilling and relaxing. However, his owner wants tom to catch the mouse(Jerry), or else she will replace Tom. So, to show his master that he is not useless, Tom used to chase Jerry and Fight with him all the time. He was scared of being replaced and didn’t want to be replaced by any other cat that might actually kill Jerry.

Facts that prove Tom and Jerry are Best Friends

With so many Tom and Jerry memes floating on the internet, people have various opinions on the bond between Tom and Jerry. However, most people support the opinion that Tom and Jerry are best friends on Reddit, and they just pretend to be enemies.

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There are many things that prove this theory right, as in many episodes, Tom and Jerry can be seen having a good time together. Going on many adventures together and relaxing around each other. Moreover, they only fight when someone is around them. All these factors support that Tom and Jerry were best friends.

The main factor which supports this theory is that in an episode, Tom is actually replaced with a mechanical by his owner. She replaced Tom because he couldn’t catch the mouse(Jerry). In this episode, Tom and Jerry team up together to get the mechanical cat out of the house. 

After all the effort, they were able to get the mechanical cat out of the house. Moreover, at the end of the episode, Tom thanks Jerry for helping him get back in the house. After this, they are back to the chase and usual drama.

This is why most people believe that Tom and Jerry are really Best friends and they were just pretending to fight and being after each other’s life. This is a true example of a love-hate relationship.

What Happens in the Last episode of Tom and Jerry?

The last episode of Tom and Jerry was named “Blue Cats Blue.” this was a dark and unpredictable episode. This episode was a shocker for the audience and broke the heart of millions of viewers. Towards the end of Blue Cats Blue, both Tom and Jerry are sitting on a railway track, and there is a whistling noise of a train approaching them.

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They slowly fade away in the noise of that approaching train. Tom and Jerry committed suicide, and no one could ever imagine such a tragic end to a comical show.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Jerry always win?

In the show, Tom and Jerry always win because he is fighting for his survival. On the other hand, Tom is just chasing jerry for a one-time meal. Moreover, he is also lazy, and Jerry is much smarter than Tom.

What is the real name of Tom and Jerry?

 The real name Tom was Thomas Jasper, Tom Cat, and Jerry’s real name was Gerald Jinx Jerry Mouse. So they are also known as Jasper and Jinx.

How old are Tom and Jerry?

As of 2023, Tom and Jerry are 83 years old. Tom and Jerry made their first appearance in 1940, and we can still imagine them chasing each other at the age of 83.

Did Tom and Jerry commit suicide?

No one has imagined this tragic end to a comical show. However, towards the end of the episodes, both of them are sitting on a railway track, and they slowly fade away.

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