Parasitic Relationship – Signs, Examples & Solutions

Couple fighting with man trying to stop girl running away from him

“Parasitic Relationship” is a term that many of you must have heard many times. Moreover, with respect to human beings, it is somewhat similar. But before you commence scratching your head too hard to dig out what exactly a “Parasitic relationship in humans” is, let’s know its meaning in plants or animal kingdom. 

According to the Britannica definition, “It is a relationship between two species of plants or animals in which one benefits at the expense of the other, sometimes without killing the host organism.” If you closely look at the elucidation, some of the noteworthy words are the relationship between two and benefits at the expense of the other. 

Similarly, if you are also in a similar kind of partnership where you are being used as a host and your partner is sucking all the goodness from you to sustain, it’s time to make a move. Having said that, it can be hard at times to differentiate between pursuing a parasitic relationship and a dependent partner. 

In this article, I am going to cover almost all the aspects related to a relationship that is parasitic in nature. If you identify your union to be falling into this ambit, don’t worry, as I am going to provide you with enough solutions. Which will either rescue the relationship or simply save it from further degradation. 

More Like a Parent 

The first and foremost sign that you should look out for is if you are taking too much of his/her care. Remember that even parents, after a while, let go of some of the basic and initial responsibilities. 

For example, if you are all the time looking out for your partner and fulfilling all their needs and whims, it is not a healthy romantic relationship. From pressing their clothes to feeding them, it will get too much eventually. It might be difficult right now to figure out what is wrong with being dependent on each other. 

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However, my dear friend, there is a thin line between being reliant on your loved one and sticking to them like a leech. How much it may be hard to digest, but swallow the hard pill for your own good. How to do that? Continue reading!

Solution: Because your actions or inability to take care of all of their needs make them angry or sad, you need to confront this situation. You need to understand that firstly you are being used more like a parasite; secondly, you are being subjected to unnecessary tantrums. Immediately stop all this and express that you don’t like it. (Don’t worry about the consequences, as you are any which way in a toxic parasitic relationship.)

No Time For Self

Are you confused most of the time about where your time goes? Or why are you not getting time to fulfill your own needs? Ask yourself a simple question, “Is it because of my partner?” If the answer is yes, you are spending a lot of time caring about what your lover wants. 

For example, all you ever talk about or communicate with each other is the likes, dislikes, problems, and more of only one partner. There is also a chance that you are only a dump yard for the person. In this case, besides feeling bad about yourself, think about the bigger good. 

Couple fighting with man trying to stop girl running away from him

Solution: In a parasite relationship, this is another most common problem, where the host loses itself, and everything is about the parasite. An effective solution here is to start bringing changes to your routine and communicate this to your partner, who learns to adapt to the alternations. 

Moreover, intentionally prioritize all your desires and needs that have taken a back seat in this relationship. It’s high time you start living for yourself. 

Spending Time is More Like a Burden

When a romantic relationship or marriage is going smoothly, partners crave to spend time with each other. Taking time out for each other is never an issue, as both are ready to enjoy each other’s company. 

However, contrary to a happy relationship, the couples coexisting in a parasitic relationship find themselves stuck in a pool of mud. Not just sitting and talking to each other is a burden, but aversion for one another also seeps in. 

Unhappy Couple in a relationship

If currently, you make excuses not to sit in the company of your partner; maybe you are exhausted because of putting yourself second in front of your lover’s wishes. 

Solution: Even if you want to spend some quality time with him/her but are unable to because you feel choked in his/her presence. Instead of giving up on your relationship, you can try to revive it by speaking your heart out and expressing fearlessly. 

Another thing you must do is leave gaps for your parasite (your partner) to miss your presence in his/her life. The first move of them could be for their own selfish reason, but gradual shifting from “I” to “US” will then help you bridge the gap, but together. 

You Wear the Payer Hat

Are you the only one in your relationship who pays all the bills? If yes! Oh, My God. I have just one question for you, “Why are you enabling your partner to not pay and only enjoy?” This specific characteristic explains a lot about the nature of a parasitic relationship. 

Particularly because the partnership of two becomes a contribution of one majorly. Even if it’s an initial deal, it will tire the person who is consistently paying for everything. Simply, it will start to suck your piece of mind over a period of time. 

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Solution: The best you can do for yourself is take a break, make some distance and think carefully about the status of your drowning relationship. Because you are habitual of your partner’s presence, it doesn’t make you obligated to save the partnership. 

Since you are tired of the burden of every responsibility on your shoulders, it’s time you make the initial deal null and void and introduces a new agreement. Believe it or not, it will either save your existing relationship or totally end it, as your partner or parasite, in this case, may not like it. 

You are Always Giving

Anyone who is head over heels in love with their partner can easily get blindsided by the air of affection and attraction between them. In due course of time, it is very much possible that the only contribution you have in your relationship is to GIVE

The major problem is not that you give; on the contrary, the issue is that you are not receiving anything in return. At first, you are giving in so much because you like to do that, but I guarantee that in no time, you will realize the efforts your partner is missing. 

unhappy couple in a relationship

It will not only hurt you but also disappoint you that you will either lose interest in your union or fight to get what you deserve. However, ask yourself honestly, are you okay to continue being in such a parasitic relationship? I am sure you are not! So, then, what to do? 

Solution: Breaking up is the last resort, so before that, you can try doing some things in favor of saving your affectionate bond. By now, your partner has developed that he/she will get what they demand. 

To end this draining practice, stop agreeing to everything your partner asks for right away. It may take a while to adjust and adapt to this new situation, but it is the need for an hour. 

In a Nutshell 

Besides these 5 signs that hint at a parasitic relationship, there are many others. Some of them are unrealistic expectations of improving the life of a parasite, living a life in accordance with them, using your energy to serve them, and more. 

The bottom line is that a parasitic relationship is nowhere close to a healthy romantic relationship. So if you are of the view that you can continue this way, you are heading to a failed partnership. So, choose wisely!

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