How to Practice Relationship Anarchy? It is not an Open Relationship

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Now, the youth is turning towards a new Idea, and that is Relationship Anarchy. Nope! We are not talking about fighting. It is more about relationships but without compromise.

So, am I talking about an open relationship? Maybe, maybe not. Things are pretty confusing here! The reason I’m considering it confusing is that sometimes these kinds of relationships do include the involvement of another partner. 

However, calling it an open relationship is not the right way to describe it. So, what is it actually? Let’s see then!

Relationship Anarchy is a philosophical & psychological term. It is used to deconstruct the different aspects of relationships. 

What are the aspects? Romance, communication, sex, companionship, etc.

To understand this philosophy, we need to understand who a relationship anarchist is.

Relationship anarchists are those people who don’t look at romantic relationships in a conventional way. 

They divide each part of the relationship separately. This is why it is called “Relationship Anarchy.” 

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Suppose two people are in a relationship, and they are both relationship anarchists. So, if they are dating and they recognize that they lack emotional unavailability.

So, they look at it as an issue. Only an issue. It has nothing to do with the relationship. So they can reach out to someone else or anything specific to solve the problem.

Moreover, any conventional relationship rules do not apply to this practice. The practitioners believe that nobody in this world is bound to obey someone.

Love is in the universe, and they can take it from anywhere they want to. But mutual consent stays there.

How is it Different From Any Traditional Relationship?

There are various differences between conventional relationships and relationship anarchy. One of the most prominent differences is relationship anarchy denies the conventional rules of romantic relationships.

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To put it in simple words, in a conventional relationship, there are certain rules like being loyal to each other and not being involved with somebody else. But relationship anarchists don’t look at things this way.

They just consider the problem and the solution. They have a bigger concept of love in their mind, just like I have told you before.

If anyone is facing emotional support or sexual issues, he or she can get that from someone else after communicating with his partner.

Why is it not an Open Relationship?

Relationship Anarchy is not an open relationship because open relationships are different. In open relationships, the partners can seek any kind of need from anybody else outside of the relationship, and it does need communication.

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The term open relationship is often used in a negative sense and is often frowned upon by people. You might have noticed youngsters or young adults being in this kind of relationship.

But Relationship Anarchists are well-educated about the practice and are very respectful to their partners. They don’t do anything without proper communication.

Some relationship anarchists also consider being loyal to each other, like being involved with someone else but deciding to be in a relationship with one partner only.

Why are People Considering it Over the Conventional Relationship?

The majority of people are considering this kind of relationship because of the chaos these rules can sometimes create.

Things mess up when couples start making their own rules in the name of ethics or morality. Things like not talking to any guy while being in a relationship. These things are toxic and might make people not believe in love anymore.

Those who are more focused on getting and giving love rather than getting & giving the same to someone, in particular, are choosing this path.

I told you, it is a whole philosophy where Individual needs are at the top.

Is it Ethically Correct?

When it comes to philosophy, there is nothing called ethical. Something that is ethical to you might not be ethical to me, or vice versa.

So, unless and until your partner is okay with it, you can definitely be a relationship anarchist. So, if you are in a conventional relationship and you want to give it a try, have a talk with your partner. Get a good understanding of your needs and whether you guys are on the same page or not.

How to Practice It?

If you are already in a conventional relationship, practicing this philosophy might be difficult. Why? Because your partner might not feel the same about it. Maybe they like their relationship to be conventional.

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In such scenarios, you might have to end the relationship due to sprouting up of common husband-wife problems. If not, you both must agree to regular discussions so that you both can agree at some point and start practicing it. 

It won’t be easy. But if you are ready to put in the effort, it is not impossible. It will just take a little bit more time.

Problems You Might Face in the Journey

When you start practicing this philosophy, you will feel suffocated. Imagine your partner is making love to someone else. It hurts, right? But at the same time, you are also seeking emotional availability from someone else.

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You might fight a lot at first and think of giving up. But giving up on each other will not make you reach your goal. Just like we learn something new and struggle with it for a few months or a few years, you will struggle to do this.

But when you finally reach that stage where you both are able to see things from a different angle, things will be good!

Wrapping Up

How many of you actually think that this kind of relationship is better than the conventional one? Quite a few. Don’t worry; nobody will judge you. In relationships, problems occur, and you are free to pursue a relationship the way you and your partner want.

Nobody is saying that you are wrong. Yes, you are doing things differently, but that does not mean that you are wrong.

Go, gain some knowledge, talk to your partner and start practicing it. Moreover, don’t run out of patience. It is very much needed.

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