Big Meech’s Wife- Latarra Eutsey

Big Meech's wife
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In the old days, finding information on people was a difficult task. But now, with the emergence of the internet, finding information is not a hard task as there is plenty of that available online. Not only has the internet enabled normal people like us to find information, but it has also helped the police and other authorities as well. Before heading straight to Big Meech’s wife, let’s also what happened in her life.

You may be aware of the infamous BTK serial killer. Well, that case would have never been solved if it weren’t for the Internet. Therefore, the internet helps in solving crimes as well. The main reason for this is that once something has been put on the internet, it can never be truly deleted.

Latarra Eutsey is a very private person but with the help of the internet, we are able to find information about her as well. In this article, I will try to shed some light on the life of Latarra Eutsey and see why is she a famous personality.

The early life of Big Meech’s Wife

Latarra Eutsey was born on the 13th of January 1969 in Dania Beach, Florida, USA. Her childhood was mainly spent at the same place and she attended a local public school for her early studies.

As Latarra’s name only came into the limelight for being Big Meech’s wife, unfortunately not a lot of information is available about her life before meeting him.

Big Meech Connection

Latarra Eutsey mainly became famous for her relationship with Big Meech aka Demetrius Flenory Sr. Foe those of you who do not know who this is, Big Meech is an American crime lord. He is also one of the founding members of the dangerous gang Black Mafia Family i.e. BMF.

This organization has been involved in comes such as drug trafficking and money laundering. There has also been a rumor of them being involved in human trafficking but it was never proven.

Although there has been a lot of chatter that Latarra Eutsey aka Big Meech’s wife was also involved in the gang. It is however never been proven that she had any knowledge or involvement in his husband’s illegal activities.

Big Meech

The gang’s activities had spread throughout the USA but it is known that Latarra only was involved in a romantic relationship with Demetrius Flenory Sr and nothing more.

Big Meech also started a recording label, BMF Entertainment. Initially, it was thought that this was just a front for money laundering but it turned out to be a legitimate business. In fact, BMF Entertainment has been known to associate with famous rappers such as Jay Z, Diddy, Young Jeezy, and many more.

Due to extreme secrecy, we are not able to ascertain how long the marriage lasted but we do know that the couple did have a child.

Latarra’s Son

Latarra Eutsey and Demetrius Flenory had a son together on the 22nd of April 2000. Their son, Demetrius Flenory Jr aka Lil Meech is a famous rapper and singer. He has released many singles from the label BMF Entertainment.

Lil Meech has also made appearances in movies and TV shows. He first appeared in the movie, Taurus, which is a movie written by Tim Sutton and Machine Gun Kelly. In this movie, Lil Meech starred opposite Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox.

He then appeared in the famous HBO teen drama show, Euphoria. He has appeared in 2 episodes in a guest role.

Latarra’s Career

Although it was highly touted that Big Meech’s wife is also involved in the Black Mafia Family’s illegal activities. However, she was not involved in that and she is a very successful real estate agent. She mainly deals in properties in Florida state.

She has built such an amazing career in real estate but leads a life hidden from the world.

Latarra Eutsey’s Net Worth

As mentioned above, Latarra Eutsey aka Big Meech’s wife has a successful career as a real estate executive. She has been working really hard for a long time and is a partner at her firm. Due to this, she has a considerable net worth.

To get a clear idea consult various sources. For now, Latarra Eutsey has a net worth of more than $1 million.

In the End

It is always easier to go the easy way and earn a lot of money without any real hard work. Big Meech’s wife also had the opportunity to have gotten involved in BMF’s illegal activities and mint money. But, she chose to chase her dream and to make an honest living.

Looking at her, we can see that hard work always pays off. Instead of just being a trophy wife, Latarraa worked for everything that she has right now.

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