Craze lines in teeth: Causes and Treatment

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who doesn’t want a flawless smile? Do you see tiny lines on your teeth? But no need to worry; this is quite common. These vertical lines on your enamel are known as craze lines in teeth, and they are painless. However, they can make you feel uncomfortable and conscious.

Craze lines in teeth are not a serious issue, but there can be many underlying causes for these craze lines. So, if you have craze lines, this blog is for you. As we are going to discuss everything about craze lines in teeth, their causes and treatment.

What are Craze Lines?

First and foremost, let us understand what exactly is craze lines. Craze lines are small cracks and lines that can be seen on the top surface of your teeth. Moreover, these lines are just on the surface and generally are not deep. These lines are not painful, and it doesn’t hurt.

Moreover, there can be many various factors that can cause craze lines in teeth. Some of the common causes of these lines can be natural causes, sudden changes in the temperature, biting any hard substance and others.

Craze lines are much more common in children but can also be seen in adults as well. However, these lines are not very serious but can cause issues like sensitivity or start hurting if not treated properly.

What are the main Causes of Craze lines in teeth?

Craze lines can be caused by many various reasons, or they can be caused by natural wear and tear of the teeth. In some middle-aged or old-aged people, craze lines happen as they have been chewing food for so many years, and all the pressure that has been exerted on them is showing up as craze lines now.

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Other than this, craze lines are also seen in kids as well, and the reason might be:

  • Chewing and biting hard stuff like ice and other non-food items.
  • If you have misaligned teeth, then some teeth have more pressure than others. It can also be a potential cause of Craze lines.
  • Nail biting can also lead to the formation of Craze lines.
  • Any accident or injury on teeth.
  • A habit of teeth grinding.

All these can be a potential cause of Craze lines in teeth, and it can lead to many serious issues if not treated properly.

The difference between Craze lines and Cracked teeth

There is a significant difference between craze lines and cracked teeth. Craze lines are just vertical lines on the surface of the teeth. Whereas cracked teeth are deep cracks on the teeth that can be painful and cause many other problems as well. Craze lines will not cause any serious problems, but you can get them treated for aesthetic purposes.

If you can’t figure out whether you have craze lines or it is a cracked tooth. You can observe if you are feeling any pain, swelling or other problems, then it is a cracked tooth. Otherwise, if you dont feel any pain or discomfort, then these are craze lines.

Treatment for Craze Lines

Craze lines will not lead to any major issues, but if the look of craze lines is bothering you, then there are many ways that you can treat them. Moreover, you can also treat Craze lines at home as well by using teeth whitening strips or by using whitening toothpaste. The treatment is also painless and can be easily done.

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Moreover, your dentist can also make a custom tray for you that will help prevent Craze lines. There are many other cosmetic procedures that you can also opt for are:

  • You can opt for veneers.
  • You can also fill the craze lines with composite lines.
  • Teeth whitening treatments.

How can you Prevent Craze lines?

Although there can be many natural causes that can result in craze lines. Still, there are a few tips and tricks that you can do to prevent craze lines. You must avoid biting nails or hard food items like ice and other objects.

Some people also have the habit of grinding teeth at night, so you can use a night guard to avoid teeth grinding. Staying calm and relaxed and doing meditation can also help in avoiding nail biting and teeth grinding.

Moreover, you must avoid dark-coloured beverages and nicotine as it can lead to darkening the craze lines. Dark craze lines will look more prominent, so make sure to avoid nicotine and dark-coloured drinks. Also, getting regular dental checkups can help you detect the craze lines at an early stage.

The Bottom Line

Dentistry has evolved so much, and there are so many new technologies to give you a flawless smile. So, you dont have to worry about craze lines in your teeth as they will not cause you any serious problems. Make sure to get your teeth checked regularly in order to maintain your dental hygiene and wellness.


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