Is Bulgaria Safe? Let’s Find Out!

Is Bulgaria Safe

We all like to travel and explore new places, don’t we? Traveling and going to a new place not only satisfies our naturally curious nature but also goes a long way in relaxing us. It is a good way to relax and rewind your mind from your daily stress. 

Before selecting our next destination, we all check for hotels, transportation facilities, and must-visit places. In deciding all that, however, most of us forget to check one of the most important things, safety. Most of us don’t check how safe our next potential destination is

If you have chosen Bulgaria as your next getaway destination and are looking to see how safe it is, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we will discuss all the basic safety criteria and any potential issues you need to keep in mind.  

Before we get to the safety issues, let’s learn a bit about Bulgaria.

Bulgaria – The Hidden Gem

Located in the Balkan region and on the western side of the Black sea, Bulgaria is one of the unique places to visit in Europe. Despite being in what is considered to be the special vacation continent, Europe, Bulgaria is one of the least explored countries in the world. 

Beauty of Bulgaria

Despite not being visited as regularly as other European countries, Bulgaria has a lot to offer to tourists. The country is full of amazing beaches and antique churches, and fans of winter sports will have plenty to look forward to on their visit. 

For people looking to have a quiet and peaceful vacation, Bulgaria is one of the least crowded tourist places, so you can enjoy the vacation in peace.

How Is Bulgaria Safe?

Now, on to the core of this blog, the safety aspect. In this blog, we will look at the basic safety criteria that will help you make a better decision regarding whether Bulgaria should be your next travel destination or not. So without further ado, let’s look at the first point.

Risks of Natural Calamities

Although natural calamities can occur anywhere and anytime, Bulgaria does not have a long history regarding this. Moreover, the country does get some occasional earthquakes, but they are generally very mild, and most of the time, they are unrecognizable. 

However, if you’re visiting the mountain regions of the country, then you should be a little cautious as there is a risk of avalanches in the mountains. 

Public Transport and Cabs

Like most of Europe, public transport is very good in Bulgaria. There are plenty of busses and metro facilities to ease the traveling. In fact, Bulgaria also has free metro tickets on Sundays. This is mainly to promote tourism while simultaneously helping the green initiative. 

The cabs facility is also good in Bulgaria as they are easily available and for the most part, they do not overcharge. However, there have been some reports of rash driving, which can be a concern. But this depends from driver to driver, so it shouldn’t be a big concern, thus clarifying your concern of “Is Bulgaria safe?.” 

Street Crimes and Pickpockets

Bulgaria does face some concern when it comes to street crimes such as muggings and pickpockets. Especially in crowded places such as Sofia, there is some risk of pickpockets, so you should be extra careful and aware of your wallet and other valuables.

Be aware of the pick pockets

You should also avoid excluded areas and poorly lit areas during the night as there may be a risk of muggings. Especially the area around the Lion’s Bridge is notoriously famous for street crimes, so you should avoid them at night, especially if you are a solo traveler. 

Scams and Swindlings

As more and more tourists have started to visit Bulgaria, the reports of scams and swindling have unfortunately increased as well. There have been many reported cases of fake currency given as change and many hustlers trying to trick you out of your money.

It is better to always check the change you receive and, if possible, avoid using cash at all. You should also be careful with your belongings as the crooks may be waiting for a chance to strike.

Women Safety

Just like any other modern tourist destination, women tourists will not have any issues during their visit to Bulgaria. There are some basic things that you can keep in your mind, such as avoiding poorly lit areas and secluded streets around bars and pubs. 

There have been some reports of drunk and disorderly behavior around those areas, so you should be careful.

Final Words

Safety while traveling is one of the most important things that should be your priority. As much as we’d all love to just go on a vacation without any concerns regarding safety. As it is not always possible. There are always some risks involved with any destination, but by checking these risks, we can make an educated guess about whether or not to visit.

Sure, all these beautiful sights are amazing to experience, but as long as safety is worrisome, you will not be able to relax and enjoy. So, before you select your next destination, be sure to check how the safety is. So, here is the answer to “Is Bulgaria Safe?”

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