Is Evian Water Good For You? How Can it Change Your Life?

Is Evian Water good for you

Before answering, “Is Evian Water Good For You,” the importance of water, in general, can’t be ignored. It is a stated fact that water, in general, is extremely good for health. As a matter of fact, we all have grown up hearing that it is necessary to drink 8 glasses of water each day. Drinking water is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to improve your health and well-being. And when it comes to bottled water, few brands can match the reputation and quality of Evian Water.

But is Evian Water really good for you? And can it truly change your life? In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of drinking Evian Water and how it can impact your overall health. From its mineral composition to its hydration properties, we’ll take a deep dive into what makes this brand of water a popular choice for health-conscious individuals around the world.

So sit back, grab a glass of water (hopefully Evian!), and let’s dive into the world of Evian Water and how it can potentially change your life for the better.

Unique Attributes of Evian Water

The first point answers the question, “Is Evian water good for you?” is mentioning the attributes of the water. In the first place, the water is all-natural and 100 percent sourced from the rain and snow of the French Alps. Away from direct human intervention and contamination, the water is considered an all-inclusive natural spring water. 

Moreover, Evian water filters through the French Alps’ rocks and glaciers for 15 straight years before the company bottles it. This natural filtration process is slow, which leads to the constant mineral composition that reflects the originality of the territory and underground rock.

Another fact that sets Evian water apart from the competition is that it’s full of additional minerals. These minerals are essential for our overall well-being. It is full of magnesium which is essential for the maintenance and proper functioning of our muscles.

Not just magnesium, but Evian water is also rich in calcium which we all know is very important for our bone health. Evian water also helps in blood clotting as it is also rich in sulfate.

Is evian water healthy

Evian water is not just useful for your physical health but also very useful for your mental health. With its high level of sodium chloride, Evian water is very good for your central nervous system and also boosts blood flow. 

Maintaining the pH balance of one’s body is an essential part of being healthy. Well, with an increased level of potassium in Evian water, the pH balance is maintained properly as the enzyme production is boosted. 

According to Evian Natural Spring Water – Annual Water Quality Report, Evian water has a very low sodium content. This makes it the perfect water choice for people frequently bothered by digestive problems. It is also very beneficial for pregnant women.

Since Evian water is sustainably sourced, the aim is to safeguard the source of the water and not exploit the waters. Thanks to Marquis de Lessert, who drank from the Sainte Catherine Spring in the French town of Evian and discovered this spring to be not ordinary. 

Evian Water For Kidney Stones

The problem of having kidney stones is one of the most inconvenient and painful yet common ones. If you are also dealing with this, then Evian Water is an amazing choice for you. Not only is it known for dissolving smaller kidney stones, but it is very beneficial for overall kidney health.

Consuming Evian Water in combination with other healthy drinks such as green tea and black coffee can help in making sure that the necessary amount of minerals are being absorbed by your body. This will not only make you feel fresher but also boost your kidney functioning. 

As magnesium is an important part of Calcium Oxalate kidney stones therapy, the inclusion of magnesium in your daily water source, i.e., Evian water, will help in therapy.

Does Evian Water Improve Your Skin?

Having good-quality skin is very important. Good-quality skin will not only make you look beautiful but also prevent many skin diseases as well. Evian Water contains a trace amount of the mineral, Silica

This mineral is very good for improving skin elasticity. This also prevents acne formation and reduces skin aging.

Evian water is healthy to drink

Evian is not just limited to water. In fact, they also have Evian Natural Mineral Water Face Spray. This is very good for people dealing with skin irritation, as just praying the affected area will provide immediate soothing and calming sensations. This spray also moisturizes and refreshes your skin.

Benefits of Evian Water During Pregnancy

Evian water is extremely helpful during pregnancy as it has a complete and natural balance. Additionally, this particular water is much safer than regular tap water as there is no risk of contamination or any harmful chemicals in the water. 

Evian water is extremely helpful in the first trimester as it is known to reduce nausea and sickly feeling.

It is due to this perfect and unique balance of minerals that Evian Water is considered to be one of the essentials during pregnancy. This water is very beneficial for the mother, which, as a consequence, helps the unborn baby as well. Not just for pregnant women, this water is good for overall women’s wellness

Is Evian Water Good For You & Your Babies

Until now, we have established that Evian is very beneficial for adults, but what about babies? Well, Evian is very good for growing babies and kids as well. As Evian water does not have any impurities and no added sugars, it is perfectly safe straight out of the bottle for babies. 

In fact, In Belgium, making baby formula is only recommended with Evian water. All in all, Evian water is perfectly safe for babies over 6 months old. 

Evian Water vs Regular Tap Water

While the tastes of Evian water and regular tap water may vary, their scientific composition varies very little. In fact, in some studies, scientists found that there is no recognizable difference between the composition of the two. 

The scientists further elaborated that it is due to superior taste that makes Evian water so popular.

How Does Evian Compare with Coconut Water?

Coconut water is touted as natural ORS. It is full of important nutrients, such as high levels of potassium and electrolytes, that are very good for hydrating our bodies. While Evian water does have a lot of qualities, it lacks the nutrition levels provided by coconut water. 

Coconut water also has a lot of antioxidant properties and enzymes that protect your body from various diseases. These antioxidant properties and enzymes are also lacking in Evian water. 

Is This Water for Blood Pressure Control?

Although Evian water alone can not be used as a means for controlling blood pressure. But, people dealing with problems related to high blood pressure may find it beneficial to turn towards Evian water as their main source of hydration. 

With minerals such as magnesium and calcium, Evian water can also help in lowering blood pressure. It is also helpful in avoiding arrhythmia, hypertension, and coronary spasms due to its perfectly balanced level of magnesium.

Is Evian Water a Substitute for Energy Drinks?

Energy drinks are notoriously famous for fueling up our bodies with caffeine which in turn gives us higher energy levels. Evian water does not contain any caffeine, but according to recent studies, the water does indeed increase energy levels.

Recent studies have proven that Evian water increases the level of alertness. This is possible because of the cold water shock property of the water. It is also full of nitrates that also help in balancing the sensory nervous system. 

How Much Does it Cost?

Evian water is one of the most premium packaged minerals on the market. Despite its many benefits, Evian has pretty reasonable pricing according to its value. Typically, a 500ml bottle of water will cost around $1.50 to $ 2.50. This may seem a steep price to some.

But, when compared to other premium packaged mineral water brands such as Voss, Fiji, and Aquafina, Evian Water is always a few cents cheaper than them all. In fact, they also offer discounts on bulk purchases.

In The End

Water is a paramount need for survival. In fact, almost 60% of a human’s body is made up of water or some form of water. A normal human being can only survive about 3 days without any water intake. While usually, having regular tap water would do plenty to fulfill your needs, mineral waters can take those basic things to a whole new level. 

In fact, in some special cases, it is recommended to consume packaged mineral water as compared to regular tap water. There are many brands of packaged mineral water, but Evian Water stands apart from the competition. 

Not only is their water superior to the competition, but their prices are very nominal. Another plus point in favor of Evian water is that it is completely natural with no added sugar. There are also no calories in the water. 

With all these points in favor of this water, included with their relatively lower prices than the competition, it is no wonder that Evian Water has established itself a step above the competition in the market and created a huge market space. Therefore, the entire article answers your question, “Is Evian Water Good For You.” Isn’t it? 

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