Is iced coffee illegal in Canada? Fact or Fiction?

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Do you know enjoying a cup of your favorite iced coffee can get you in trouble? You must have heard this rumor that has been floating around all over the internet, right? Is it just a rumor?  Is iced coffee illegal in Canada?

Trust me, by the end of this article, you will have the answer to all your questions. A country that is popular for coffee chains like Tim Hortons, Starbucks, and many more. Why would Canada put a ban on such a popular drink? So, let’s see whether there is any truth to this or if it’s just another rumor.

The Truth Behind this

Putting a ban on iced coffee sound quite unbelievable. So let me tell you, it’s just a rumor, and you can enjoy your iced coffee in Canada just like in any other part of the world. Moreover, the coffee market in Canada is worth over 23 billion U.S. dollars Huge, Right?

Iced coffee is not illegal in Canada infact, it is one of the most popular drinks in the country. You can get a cup of iced coffee at any coffee shop, and you will not get in any trouble because of this. So, dont believe anything you hear on the internet.

How did the Controversy Start?

The rumor that iced coffee is illegal in Canada originated from the place where most rumors are born, TikTok. I am not saying that TikTok is misleading, but dont believe anything you see on the internet.

Although the rumor in itself sounds quite unbelievable, it was so well presented by the TikToker @taylorjacksonphoto that many people actually believed that. The influencer made that video look really informative and stated “Facts” that Iced coffee is illegal in Canada.

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He mentioned that Canada gets most of its coffee from Columbia, Brazil, and Guatemala. According to the video, in 2007, Canada signed a trade deal with the CLAC. This allows the beans to be used for iced coffee, and it was going to cost $30mm.

Moreover, he mentioned that Stephan Harper, who was the prime minister of Canada at that time, decided that this was an unnecessary expense. He then signed the deal that effectively banned Ice coffee in Canada.

All this misleading information in that video was portrayed so informatively that people actually started believing this rumor. This video got viral and started floating all over the internet. Just for popularity and to gain viewers’ attention, people can do anything.

Why are Canadians Obsessed with Coffee?

It’s a fact that Canadians drink more coffee than water they spend almost US$18 billion a year. Canadians are obsessed with coffee, and it’s the only non-European country that ranks in the top 10 countries with the most coffee lovers. An average person in Canada drinks around 3 cups of coffee daily.

The consumption of coffee has been increasing in the country, and there is a coffee shop on every other corner. Moreover, the popular Canadian brand Tim Hortons has put Canada on the Coffee map. Thankfully, it’s not illegal to enjoy a cup of Iced Coffee in Canada. Otherwise, the majority of the population will get into trouble for this.

Is Coffee illegal in any Country?

Caffeine is a major component of coffee, and it’s highly addictive as well. So many countries have put a ban on caffeine in the past. Initially, people were speculating about what is packed in these beans that is so energizing, and people were fearful of this substance.

Thus, in the year 1511, Mecca banned coffee as people used to believe that it could wash brains and promote radicle thinking. Many other countries like Prussia, Sweden, Constantinople, and Italy have made coffee illegal due to various reasons.

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Like people in Prussia believed that the increasing popularity of coffee was impacting the demand for beer. Which they think is superior to other drinks. So, to not let people get influenced by the taste of coffee, they put a ban on it.

All these bans were a thing of the past, and now there is no ban on coffee anywhere in the world. However, Canada has never banned Iced Coffee or any other type of coffee, and there is no coffee police to keep a watch on you. So you can enjoy your coffee the way you like.

Frequently asked questions

Is Iced coffee illegal in Canada?

No iced coffee is not illegal in Canada. Infact, it is one of the most popular drinks in Canada.

Is caffeine banned in Canada?

You can enjoy the caffeine rush without any trouble. However, caffeinated alcoholic beverages are banned in Canada. However, still, there is some brand that knows their way around and is presenting their drink in some other way to introduce them in the market.

Is Coffee a popular drink in Canada?

Canada is the only non-European country that is in the world’s top 10 ranking of coffee drinkers. Its per capita coffee consumption is much higher than in America. Moreover, the coffee market in Canada is worth over 23 billion U.S. dollars.

Who started the rumor that iced coffee is banned in Canada?

 The rumor started from TikTok as @taylorjacksonphoto uploaded a video stating “Facts” that were actually misleading. However, the video was presented in a very informative way which made people believe that it was actually true.

The Bottom Line

So, Iced coffee is not illegal in Canada, and you can enjoy your iced latte the way you want. There is no coffee police to catch you while having your Iced Coffee. Moreover, this is a prime example that you should not believe everything you see on the internet.

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