Self Care for Teenagers: 50 Physical and Mental Tips

Woman doing Yoga as a self care for teenagers

Are you a growing person and looking for effective tips for self care for teenagers? You are at the right place. The teenage years are the transformative years in a person’s life. Usually in these years, a teen has to manage a lot of responsibilities and face several challenges.

At times, these years get tough for an individual, who feels confusion and burnout at the end. Therefore, during such hard situations, it is important that they indulge in self care activities for teens. Be it mental health help for teenagers or general health tips for teens, read the entire article. 

In the end, as a teenager, you will know every self care for young adults. Hence, include these physical and mental self care tips in your life without fail. 

35 Physical Self Care Tips for Young Adults

Physical health (self-care) is essential for these young people in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So, without further ado, let’s look at all of them. 

1. Get Enough Sleep 

If you want to function properly in your daily routine, 8 to 9 hours of quality sleep is important. This promotes physical and mental rejuvenation. 

2. Stay Hydrated

To maintain optimal physical health, drink plenty of water throughout the day. Drinking 8 to 9 glasses of water daily removes toxins from your body and you feel energetic. 

3. Eat a Balanced Diet 

As a teenager, you are lucky enough to digest almost everything. However, to take proper care of yourself include a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc. Providing your body with every vital nutrient is one of the ways of self care for teenagers. 

4. Limit Processed Foods

The dangers of processed food are so many that any individual should try to eliminate them from their diet. Also, minimize the consumption of extra sugary snacks, fast food, and tetra-packed food to support a healthier body. Moreover, the positive effects of limiting their consumption will be seen in the later stages of life. 

5. Exercise Regularly 

During the adolescent years, an individual has a lot of energy that needs to be channelized productively. So, engaging in at least 30 minutes to 1 hour of physical activity is crucial. Be it moderate-intensity exercise or walking in the park. In addition to these activities, dancing also comes under physical exercise. 

A teenager exercising

6. Stretch Daily 

Out of so many physical self care for teenagers tips, stretching exercises are a great way to improve flexibility. As a teen, the first thing in the morning could be doing body stretching postures like Downward-Facing Dog, Seated straddle, Cat-Cow, Thread the Needle, etc.

7. Practice Good Posture 

It is important to note your posture particularly when you are sitting or standing to prevent future back or neck problems. Be careful of your posture intentionally. 

8. Take Frequent Digital Breaks

Limiting your screen time to give rest to your eyes is very important. Instead of being a potato couch, as a teen, you should avoid sedentary behavior. 

9. Protect Your Skin

Protecting your skin using SPF is not pampering. Since, as a young adult, the majority of the activities are outdoors, applying sunscreen is necessary. It protects the skin from harmful UV rays, tanning, sunburn, etc. 

11. Take Care of your Hair 

Use appropriate hair products to keep your hair clean and healthy. Also, do not delay visiting a dermatologist if you face any serious hair problems. Also, limit the use of chemical-based products, artificial colors, and hair gels that can damage the quality of your hair. 

12. Wear Comfortable Shoes 

Choose footwear that provides you comfort, proper support, and cushioning to prevent any future pains. 

13. Maintain a Healthy Weight

One of the very important self care for teenagers includes maintaining a healthy weight according to your height. Keep a regular check on yourself to change your sedentary lifestyle to an active one. 

14. Take Care of your Feet

Feet are an equally important part of your body. Therefore, it is your responsibility to keep them clean and moisturize them frequently. Wearing appropriate shoes is an additional way of caring for your feet. 

A girl enjoying a foot spa

15. Limit Caffeine Intake 

Minimize the consumption of too much caffeine. Be it coffee or carbonated sodas, they are harmful to your overall health. Additionally, they are known to cause sleep disturbances and other physical problems. Once in a while is fine. 

16. Practice Good Hand-Washing

This is a very basic self care tip for teenagers but very essential. Wash your hands frequently, especially before meals and after using the washroom. Furthermore, avoid putting your hands in your mouth unnecessarily. 

17. Avoid Alcohol, Cigarette, and Drug Use

As a young adult, be careful of what habits you form. Drinking alcohol, smoking, and substance use is not among them. Stay away from these things to avoid negative impacts on your physical health. 

A girl promoting no smoking

18. Take Care of Your Nails 

19. Practice Good Respiratory Hygiene

20. Listen to Your Body 

Whenever there is an illness or problem in the body, it does give signals. As a teen, it is important to listen and catch these signals to seek timely medical attention. For example, teenage girls should frequently touch and check their breasts. 

21. Practice Good Oral Health 

Taking care of oral health is an important aspect of self care for teenagers. Using fluoride toothpaste, floss daily, and mouthwash to maintain healthy teeth and gums. 

22. Engage in Regular Cardiovascular Exercise

Include activities like cycling, dancing, brisk walking, and jogging to improve heart health.

23. Maintain a Balanced Study-Life Schedule 

24. Incorporate Relaxation Techniques into Your Bedtime Routine

25. Avoid Excessive Use of Headphones

Listening to music is a fun activity for teens. However, limiting the volume and usage of headphones is to prevent potential damage to your ears. Besides, there have been many real-life instances where earphone blasts can be fatal. 

26. Cut Down on Fried Food

Yes, fast food is really yummy, especially deep-fried dishes. However, eating too much oil is not at all healthy. Since the majority of us lead a passive or sedentary lifestyle, overconsumption of oil is dangerous.  

27. Throw Away White Sugar

28. Practice Good Body Mechanics

29. Indulge in Creative Activities

30. Join a Hobby Class

31. Maintain a Personal Diary 

Make books and dairy your best friends. In case you do not feel like talking to anyone, write your emotions in your personal diary. This helps in alleviating negativity, stress, and pressure within you. 

32. Make New Friends

33. Pursue a Sport Activity

34. Practice Progressive Muscle Relaxation

A girl enjoying head massage, a self care for teenagers

35. Focus on Self-Grooming

15 Mental Health Tips for Teens

“How to improve teenage mental health?” is a common question in a teenager’s mind. Since the mental health for teenager is very crucial, following these efficient tips will help them lead a better future. Besides, the hectic lifestyle nowadays makes it difficult for teenagers to work on their emotional quotient. So, working on mental health should be at the top of the self care worksheet. 

36. Practice Mindfulness

Incorporating mindfulness techniques into your routine is a pro self care for teenagers. To reduce stress and be mentally fit, do not procrastinate in practicing mindfulness. Besides, there are infinite benefits that need no elaboration. 

37. Express Gratitude 

All young adults should always express gratitude for everything they have. Be thankful for the love and support of close friends and family. Furthermore, by expressing gratitude for your current situation, you will remain positive toward life. 

38. Take a Walk in Greenery 

Morning walks and late evening walks are the perfect way to feel fresh and rejuvenated. Moreover, walking barefoot on fresh green grass has proven medical benefits. Besides, deep breathing in the early morning air is very special as the air is still and sweet. 

A girl walking on green grass as a self care for teenagers

39. Manage your Time Effectively

This self care for teenagers is very important nowadays. Developing good time management skills reduces stress that helps in maintaining a balance between studies and extracurricular activities. 

40. Practice Positive Self  Talk

As a teenager, channel your negative emotions and replace them with positive thoughts. Additionally, this boosts self-esteem and a growth-oriented mind. 

41. Go to Spa 

Pampering yourself is one of the effective self care for teenagers. For this, you should plan frequent spa days, head massage sessions, and relaxing times. In today’s time, academic pressure can cause burnout in young adults. Therefore, spending some time with yourself will help in the lifting of this unnecessary pressure. 

42. Seek Professional Help 

Since mental health for teenagers is as important as making their career, seeking professional help in tough times is necessary. Also, career stress, identity crisis, hormonal issues, and body transformations are some things that cause strain. Thus, to solve the confusion or problem, talking to a psychologist is a smart decision. 

43. Yoga & Meditation 

It is needless to say that yoga and meditation are very crucial for great physical and mental well-being. Furthermore, regular practice of yoga and meditation improves the concentration and focus of teenagers. They also provide a teen with tools to manage and express his/her emotion in a regulated way. 

A young teenage girl meditating

44. Do What You Love 

By following the routine, it is possible that boredom and dullness crop in a teenager’s life. If you like to read a book or feel like talking to a friend, do it without thinking much. A teenager should begin to explore the surroundings so that he grows as a well-aware individual. 

45. Develop Coping Measures

As a self care for teenagers, identifying healthy coping strategies is necessary. Some of the coping measures could be talking to a trusted person, journaling, or engaging in a hobby of your choice. 

46. Take Breaks and Recharge 

I call it breaking the rhythm. Taking frequent breaks gives you the much-needed breather to pause and relax. Furthermore, following the same routine causes a lot of stress and dullness. This means doing something new other than your routine to add fun, joy, and excitement. 

47. Practice Self-Compassion

Having unrealistic expectations from self is very normal which is harmful to teenager’s mental health. Instead of being too hard on yourself, be kind and accept the way you are. Also, if you accept all your flaws, you will be able to forgive yourself. This relieves pressure within your inner self. 

48. Set Realistic Goals

In your self care worksheet, make sure that you break larger goals into smaller and achievable ones. It is important to note that short term goals are manageable, which will boost your confidence in achieving them. 

49. Express Yourself Creativity

As a young adult, it is the right age to explore your emotions and thoughts. Also, if you express your emotions or feelings through art, writing, dance, or music, it is an excellent means of self-expression

50. Nurture your Passions and Interests

Discover your passions and invest time and effort in pursuing them. Always ensure to engage in activities that give you a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and a positive outlook. 

The Bottom Line

The conclusion is that it is necessary to include self care for teenagers. Be it reading a book or going for an early morning walk, all of these self care tips are vital for a teen. Furthermore, their overall physical and mental well-being will enhance self-awareness and confidence in these young adult souls. 

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