Which is the Most Expensive Hotel in the World?

The most expensive hotel in the world: Lovers Deep

If we think of the most expensive hotel in the world, the common names that resurface in our minds are luxurious chains of hotels like St. Regis, Six Senses, Mandarin Oriental, Rosewood, etc.

Opulence, grandeur, luxury, and magnificence are some of the characteristics that these 5-star properties are linked to. Not to miss their out-of-the-world picturesque locations, which add so much beauty to these already-beautifully constructed properties.

The maximum we can think of their establishments to be on the top of the hill or near the large blue oceans. But today’s scene is that grand hotels suspend in the air, too, like Natura Vive’s Skylodge Adventure suites near the Peruvian village of Cusco.

However, if you think one of them is the most expensive hotel in the entire world, you are mistaken. Hoteliers have reached everywhere where a person can not think in their wildest dreams. This time under the sea in the form of a submarine hotel.

Yes, the most expensive hotel in the world is none other than “Lovers Deep.” As the name suggests, anyone who wishes to enjoy an underwater surreal stay and immerse themselves deeply in a novel experience will admire the submarine stay.

About Lovers Deep Submarine Accommodation 

The ones who get seasick frequently or have ichthyophobia (fear of fishes) should drop the idea of shelling out so much money to spend a night at the world’s most expensive hotel. On the contrary, the voyagers will find this place to be a haven.

After all, living on earth was okay, then men shifted to the top of the mountains, then the sky, and now deep under the water too. Well, the question, what makes it one of the most expensive hotels in the world, is needless to say. As you are going to dive deep into the clear blue water in the middle of exotic fish species and other water animals.

The body of the most expensive hotel in the world.

Anyone who wants to surprise their Lovey-Dovey or family with outer-world experience should not think twice before spending $175,000.00 per night per room. It is located in St. Lucia, an island country in the West Indies. Again not on the land, but fully immersed in the Caribbean Sea along the boundary of the Atlantic ocean.

Mainly this 5-star property is for two who, in a literal sense, want to shhhh the hustle and bustle of cities.

All the Splendid Amenities of the Most Expensive Hotel in the World

What one should expect from a $ 175,000.00-per-night hotel is exactly what Lovers Deep submarine stay is going to give. Not only do you get to have the luxury of spending some private time at this submerged yet secluded hotel.

Amid the underwater currents, a plethora of blue shades, multi-color fishes, and deep water flaura and fauna, you are going to see a different world altogether. All this was everything that you could expect to see straight from the tight-seeled windows.

The cool, cozy, and chic interiors of the submarine hotel welcome its guests. Each and every vessel of the submarine hotel includes a mini-bar, two-person bathroom, and many other necessary and exclusive facilities.

Interiors of Lovers Deep

From double-bedding to spacious room space, there is no chance you are going to feel congested. As the rooms are located on the edge of the submarine, the windows of the submarine will let you gaze and admire the unknown world under the flowing waters.

Since this unusual hotel is always on the go, be ready to see shipwrecks and novel historical things, which are no less than a surprise. Additionally, this most expensive hotel in the world has an on-board private captain, a well-trained chef, and a butler.

An even more interesting point is that the hotel is fully equipped with comfort and luxury. Moreover, if you think that it is only going to swim in the deep blue waters, the good news is that there are frequent beach landings, delicious breakfasts, along with a glass of champagne. Not to miss the helicopter transfers.

For couples who are looking to move away from all the disturbances of life, this luxury hotel is completely soundproof from all sides. This will make your stay as peaceful and serene as it can be.

The staff also resides on a whole separate side of the submarine, so you can rest assured of your privacy during the stay.

Additional Facilities

One of the most important parts of any amazing getaway is having amazing food. With access to a private chef, that is not going to be a problem in this underwater haven. Your own chef will know all about your allergies, likes, and dislikes.

 Moreover, the menu is designed to be plenty of aphrodisiac dishes such as caviar and chocolate fondant. You will also be served some foods that have been banned in some places, such as Beluga sturgeon row, which has been banned in the USA since 2005.

If you and your partner are on your honeymoon, then like any classy establishment, Lover’s Deep will also provide complimentary food to you.

The experience in this amazing luxury hotel is as heavenly as there can be. But for people having a fear of water or who get claustrophobic, there are many other options as well.

If, for some reason, you are not able to experience this luxury, the following are some more hotels in the world that will provide a stunning experience in your next stay.

Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in the World



Price of the Room/Per Night 

St. Lucia

Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine


Las Vegas, Nevada

Palms Casino Resort Empathy Suite


Genève, Switzerland

Hotel President Wilson Royal Penthouse Suite


Manhattan, New York City

The Mark Penthouse – The Mark Hotel



Laucala Island Resort Hilltop Estate


Las Vegas, USA

Four Seasons Hotel


Cannes, France

Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez



The Muraka Suite – The Conrad



The Hilltop Villa


New York, USA

The Plaza


Final Words

Every one of us has a dream destination that we’ve always wanted to go to. While for many of us, they may be the traditional destinations such as Paris, Milan, Barcelona, or some other. There are few who always want to try out new and elusive places for their next getaway.

Of course, if you are able to afford to spend an exuberant amount for these getaways, you open up some more elusive luxuries. Lover’s deep is one such luxury well-known as the most expensive hotel in the world. It is so elusive that it takes an extraordinary amount of effort just to book this luxury hotel.

Forget for a minute about the cost; just booking this hotel requires some serious pull and connections. Although this luxury submarine is operated by Oliver’s Travels, it is not as easy as just visiting the website and booking the room. It requires plenty of effort.

However, this effort is well worth it when you consider the services that are provided. These services, combined with an unforgettable view just outside your bedroom window, make this an extraordinary experience.

So, on your next romantic getaway, make Lover’s Deep your next destination and join the elusive ”mile’s low club”.

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