Ruby Zoisite: Why Should You Possess It?

ruby zoisite

No matter how good someone looks naturally, accessorizing always adds to that. Yes, there are many of us who believe in simplicity and not wearing any extravagant accessories. But it is hard to argue against the fact that accessories do add another dimension and boost your looks. 

Not only do these accessories make us look even better, but many of them are also practical and useful as well. While most such accessories provide a practical use, there are other types of accessories that fulfill a different kind of requirement. 

There are many accessories that fulfill a spiritual purpose as well. You might have seen many people wearing unique bracelets or even rings. As much as they look great, they are actually there for a different purpose altogether. These rings or bracelets generally have a ruby in them.

The reason for that is obviously to have good luck or to shoo away bad luck or vibes. The rubies to choose are based on various factors, including astrology. Obviously, there are some people who don’t really believe in this, but for those who do, in this blog, we will discuss Ruby Zoisite.

To be specific, we will be covering the combination of Ruby and Zoisite today. We’ll look into various things, such as its origin and benefits, among other things. So without further ado, let’s dive in and get to know more about Ruby and Zoisite.

Origin of Ruby Zoisite

This beautiful combination of red ruby and green zoisite is one of the rarest in the market. The main reason for this is that these are indigenous to Tanzania only. 

Interestingly, though they were discovered all the way back in 1954, scientists and minors have not been able to locate another source to date. To date, this ruby is only found in the Longido mining district in Tanzania, Africa.

The Significance of the Gem

Just like we said above, all rubies have some sort of significance (depending on if you believe in them or not). Similarly, ruby zoisite also has not one but three significance. 

It is said that when we bring together ruby and zoisite, our heart, root, and third chakras are also connected together. This, in turn, helps us in dealing with all the negative vibes in our life. One of the best advantages of ruby zoisite is that this stone has the unquantifiable power to turn negative energy into positive one

A person holding Ruby Zoisite

In our lives, there are always things to stress about and be anxious about; considering these properties of this stone, it’s fair enough to give them a try, wouldn’t you say?

Advantages of Ruby Zoisite

There are many advantages of this positive and playful gemstone. Other than how beautiful they look, they provide important contributions to our well-being. These benefits are largely characterized by three further categories. Let’s have a look at what those are.

Spiritual Well-being

The ruby zoisite is considered to be one of the most spiritually influential stones there are. You might have heard of or even tried to access your astral state. Well, this stone is considered to be very helpful if you are looking to peek into astral life. 

The reason this stone is so effective is the connection ruby zoisite has with our crown chakra. 

Another advantage is that both Ruby and Zoisite work in tandem for our well-being. Rubies have a positive impact on our passion, while zoisites increase our inner strength to deal with negativity

Boosts our Strength

Let’s be honest; we all have to deal with problems in our lives. These problems, while being a part of life, do test our strength from time to time. At times like these, this stone will be one of your biggest allies.

As we mentioned above, combining ruby and zoisite helps in connecting your heart and root chakra. This further helps in relaxing and being calm in difficult situations. This stone has also been known to reduce anxiety while also filling you up with confidence.

Increasing Mental Energy

In our busy and stressful lives now, the mental burden on us has also increased. While there any many activities, such as yoga, meditation, etc., that people do to help cope with this stress. Using ruby zoisite is also very helpful. 

With this combination of stones, our hearts and chakras are also connected together. 

This combination has been known to help in changing the way we look at life. Ruby and Zoisite have also been known to promote positive thinking. This will naturally help us in looking at the positives in even the harshest times. 

Birth month for Ruby Zoisite

All rubies are generally associated with a particular birth month. It is because of these months that we choose the correct ruby to use. As ruby zoisite is a combination of two stones, it has no specific birth month (although some argue that it’s best for people born in July). 

As there is no particular birth month associated with ruby zoisite, anyone can use them.

Instructions for Using

Using ruby zoisite seems very easy, but the flickering nature of our mind makes it harder than need be. On paper, using ruby zoisite is as simple as just holding the stone in your hand and saying what you want. Seems easy, doesn’t it? Well, it’s a little complicated. 

The intention matters a lot for this to work. As long as your intentions are clear as crystal and pure, you shouldn’t have any problems using this stone.

Taking Care of your Ruby Zoisite

If you thought that using this marvelous stone was easy, taking care of it is even easier. There are just a few things that you need to pay attention to. 

Firstly, you should always try to ensure that there are no hard impacts on these stones. Especially if you’re wearing them as a piece of jewelry. An extremely hard impact may damage the jewelry, and the ruby with zoisite may break apart. 

The beautiful Ruby Zoisite

Secondly, there should be no increased exposure to heat. This includes increased exposure to direct sunlight as well. With increased exposure to these harsh conditions, your ruby zoisite may be damaged beyond salvation.

Finally, and probably the most important part of taking care of your gemstone is cleaning it. While cleaning this stone is not very complicated, there are a couple of things that need to be kept in mind. 

The most important step while cleaning your ruby zoisite is to make sure that you do not use a harsh acid. This includes bleach and industry-standard cleaning solutions as well. The use of steam cleaners is also prohibited as they may cause the stone to get extremely hot.

The best way to clean your gemstone is to just run it under cold water and use a soft cotton cloth to dry it.

How Much Does the Stone Cost?

Now to the all-important part, the price. Despite being one of the rarest stones, ruby zoisite is very affordable. While the size does depend on the size and the cut of the stone. Generally, this positive and energized stone costs around $ 10-15. 

Final Words

There are many people in this world who do not believe that these stones have any impact, but there is plenty of proof of this actually working. Especially if one were to look at astronomy studies, one might change your mindset about this. 

Ever since ancient times, our ancestors have followed this culture. 

While there may not be any guarantees of this working or not working, for that matter, there is nothing to lose in trying. In today’s stressful lives, any little thing that helps to avoid or reduce stress should be considered, in my opinion. 

With its many advantages and still a very reasonable price, ruby zoisite should be at least tried once. You never know; it may change your life for the better.

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