10+ Things to Do On A Road trip With Your Friends, Family, or Partner

Things to do on a road trip

Do you remember that quote? “It’s not the destination; it’s the journey we relish.” It’s true, especially when you are on a road trip with your friends, family, or partner. But some people struggle to make their journey memorable. They constantly reckon about fun things to do on a road trip to make it the best memory of their lives.

If you are also on that list and looking for road trip fun, we have bought you a lot of activities. Whether you’re riding along or have booked a cab for a long trip, you will indeed find a thing or two to enjoy during the journey.

So, without further delay, let’s fuel your journey with exciting things to do on a long car ride.

15 Most Epic Things to Do on a Road Trip

Before you conclude your packing, look at this long list of activities for road trips and pack the stuff you will need to commence the activities. Or, you can buy them while traveling (a spontaneous thing to do on a road trip).

1. Modern Sing-Along Game

It’s no secret that almost every car, RV, or bus on the market today has a music system. So why not take advantage of this amazing feature? Sure, we’re all familiar with the classic sing-along. 

But have you ever considered how to properly execute this fun activity when one of you is behind the wheel?

It is simple, you start playing your favorite songs, and when a song ends, one of you quickly thinks of a new track that begins with that letter.

Suppose you are the first person to play the song and choose Perfect by Ed Sheeran. The song ends with the letter’ T,’ so the others will have to brainstorm quickly a track that starts with ‘T.’

Now, repeat this process and keep listening to the random tracks. This will keep all of you active during the trip.

2. Road Trip Bingo (Most Interesting Things to Do on a Roadtrip)

When it comes to doing fun things while traveling, one can not deny the fact that road trip bingo is one of the most fascinating games you can play.

You’ll need some bingo cards with different items you can spot on the road to play this. Now, the items can be anything, different brand’s cars, a cow, a bridge, gas stations, billboards, and much more.

Or, to make it next-level fun, you can print some random things and distribute them to all the travel partners. So, whoever spots the most items by the end of the journey, wins the game.

To make it even more challenging, you can also add specific landmarks or signs you must find along the way. This is a great way to keep your eyes peeled and enjoy the scenery.

3. License Plate Game

This classic game is one of the most fun things to do on a road trip for adults. The elder in all families have a special bond with this game, and you can try to give them competition.

The goal is to find as many license plates as possible from different states or countries. You can track them on paper or use the notes app on your phone.

You can also make up funny acronyms or phrases based on the letters and numbers on the plates, such as BFF (Best Friends Forever) or LOL (Laugh Out Loud). This game can be very entertaining and educational at the same time.

You may be wondering, “How is this educational?” You can discover which license plate code corresponds to each country or state by searching on Google. This can help you learn about the different codes used around the world.

4. Vlog Your Entire Journey

If you are on a long road trip with family, friends, or your life partner, why not freeze those moments forever? So your next task on the things to do on a road trip list is to vlog your road trip.

Consider taking photos or videos of your journey to capture those special memories. You can also keep a travel journal or scrapbook to document your experiences and emotions throughout the trip. 

Vlog your road trip journey

These tangible items can be a beautiful reminder of your time together and be cherished for years to come. Also, you can post the vlogs you made on YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok to share with your extended family.

5. Narrate A Story (The Oldest Things to Do on A Roadtrip)

When you feel creative and want to have fun during your road trip, try telling stories to each other. You can make up your stories or use prompts from books, magazines, or online sources.

Further, try adding twists to those stories. Add sentences or words to a story and see where it goes. You can rephrase each other’s stories and make them funny, romantic, scary, or anything you want.

Please remember that this activity is best enjoyed when everyone is traveling in a rented vehicle and no one is driving. This is because talking while driving can be distracting and take your attention away from the road.

6. Trivia

Do you consider yourself a knowledge enthusiast who loves to learn? If you do, the next activity for a road trip is to play trivia games. To play this, you can use anything, a book, some cards, any trivia app on your phone, or any website. 

You can set prize money for the winner to make it more interesting. You know that when money is involved, everyone becomes more competitive. Thus, more fun during the trip.

Prepare yourselves to ask challenging questions regarding history, politics, geography, or any topic your group is interested in. Additionally, designate one person responsible for setting a timer and keeping score.

7. I Spy

Undoubtedly one of the epic things to do on a road trip is to play I Spy. This game will always engage and entertain you, no matter how old you get.

The rules of this game are simple:

  • One person chooses an object that is in the proximity of the car, and everyone can see it and says, “I spy with my little eye something that..” and leave a clue, such as its color, shape, size, etc.
  • Now it’s the job of everyone else to find that object.
  • The person who guesses accurately gets to choose the next object.

8. Would You Rather (Fun Game for Couples on a Road Trip)

If you are up for making your long road trips with your partner more fun, “Would You Rather” is the game you must play. The game is straightforward, and many of you may already know it.

For those unfamiliar with the game, here’s a brief explanation. The game begins with any player asking a question with two options.

For instance, ask your partner, “Would you rather eat option 1 Veg or option 2 Non-veg.” Then, your partner will answer the question. However, avoid making it too plain. Try adding some spice by asking clever and engaging questions. 

Provide two options that are typically challenging or unpleasant to choose between. For example, ask, “Would you rather eat a worm or kiss a frog?” 

The other person must respond truthfully and provide a reason for their decision. They can then ask the following question to someone else. You can incorporate consequences or rewards for choosing certain options to make the game more engaging.

9.  Do A Photoshoot

It’s not an everyday affair that you go on a road trip. So, doing a photoshoot is a must. Click some Instagram-worthy photographs at random locations.

One of the things to do on a road trip is to take pictures

When you stop for a food or gas break, take creative photos, like standing near your car or posing with a funny sign or a scenic backdrop. You can also use props like sunglasses, hats, scarves, or anything that adds flair to your photos. 

Doing a photoshoot is one of the fun things to do on a road trip that will give you some amazing snaps you can print further and hang in your house.

10. Take Detours to Scenic Spots

When on a long car ride, one activity that may not be possible otherwise is to explore uncharted areas. If you come across a breathtaking location, it’s worth taking some time to investigate.

Share information about these locations on your social media. Encourage your friends to check them out when they travel the same route.

11. Watch Movies (Roadtrip Activities Only for Passengers)

Nowadays, it’s common for everyone to have a tablet with them. If you find yourself getting bored while traveling and your destination is still far away, consider watching your favorite movies or shows to pass the time.

Watch movie while travelling

For added enjoyment, try asking each other for movie recommendations and watch them. Afterward, share your thoughts, and the conversation will naturally flow, giving you something to discuss and pass the time.

12. Lookup for Next Stops

Utilize the Google Maps app and locate interesting stops that you should take next. Once decided, research the place and devise three things to do at that location.

This activity can save you significant time and prevent potential arguments about where to stop. Rather than debating back and forth with phrases like “Where should we stop? You tell me! No, you tell me!“, this solution offers a clear path forward.

13. Camping (Long Roadtrip Activites)

If you haven’t done this one of the most essential “things to do on a road trip,” how can you call yourself a travel lover? 

Do you recall the detour spot? If you come across a place that catches your eye and calls for your attention, take a break there and spend the night. Simply find a secure spot to park your car and set up your camping gear.

Pull out your camping chair and gaze at the crystal in the sky, i.e., the stars, and enjoy conversations with each other.

14. Cook Something

Now you’ve stopped for night camping, so you might be hungry too, right? The perfect thing is to pull out your propane stove, chopping board, knives, and some veggies and start cooking a raw roadside meal.

Even if you’ve tasted delicious food in fancy 7-star restaurants, the taste you’ll experience at that moment will be unforgettable.

15. Do Shopping

This will be one of the most exciting things to do on a road trip for all the ladies out there. Get ready to have some serious fun because this activity will knock your socks off.

During your road trip, you’ll cross a lot of shops, malls, and local markets, so why not buy a few collectibles, artifacts, and dresses? Some places may have something exclusive that you can not buy anywhere else in the world. 

Explore such places, buy anything if you want, or just experience the variety of art. And, if your lady chooses a dress that’s out of your budget, don’t worry. You can always use the excuse of limited luggage space to avoid buying it. Just kidding, don’t do that. Instead, you can surprise her with a gift later on and make her happy.

Pro Tip: Plan Ahead 

One of the best tips for things to do on a road trip is to plan ahead. You don’t want to waste your time and money on unnecessary detours, traffic jams, or breakdowns. You also want to ensure you have enough gas, food, water, and entertainment for your journey.

Check weather conditions before planning the road trip  So, before you hit the road, research your route, destination, and stops. Check the weather, road conditions, and local attractions. Book your accommodation and tickets in advance if possible. Pack your essentials and emergency kit. Above all, make sure to have fun and enjoy the journey.

Parting Words

Road trips are meant to be memorable because you can do all those things on road trips that you can’t on a flight or train. Whether it’s stopping at a quirky roadside attraction, taking a scenic detour, or just enjoying the freedom of the open road, there’s something special about hitting the highway with friends or family.

Do you have any road trip plans? If you’ve, you should do all these things to do on a road trip because these moments may not come again. So make the most out of it. Make fun of each other, tease your loved ones, switch driving responsibilities, and on top of everything, do it responsibly and safely.

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