How Do I Overcome Working Mom Burnout?

Working mom burnout

Do you think you are suffering from “Working mom burnout”.? What exactly is this concept? Basically, in an effort to manage their professional and personal life. Especially in the case of working mothers, who frequently find themselves balancing a variety of duties and responsibilities. 

Similarly, if you may be proud of your capacity for multitasking and managing everything, burnout can still be a possible turnout. This should not only be accepted with open minds but also addressed as soon as possible.

Fatigue, a lack of motivation, impatience, and a feeling of disconnection are just a few signs of burnout. It may be draining and affect your general well-being as well as how well you perform at work and at home.

But don’t worry; there are approaches to regaining your motivation and energy after burnout.

It’s crucial to first pinpoint the root causes of your burnout. Maybe, you are over-contributing at work or at home? The common outcome is that you tend to ignore your inner self. 

What should you do? You can start addressing the issue once you have identified the underlying cause. For instance, you might prioritize self-care activities like exercise and meditation, assign responsibilities to others at home, create limits at work, and ask friends and family for help.

Remember that it’s acceptable to seek assistance when needed and to take breaks when you require them. With my list and approaches, you will be able to introduce the necessary changes and make your life easier. So, let’s know how you can overcome the working mom burnout and live a carefree life. 

Key Signs and Symptoms of Working Mom Burnout

As a working mom, the constant juggling of responsibilities at home and work can tire you. The signs and symptoms of burnout differ from person to person, but some of the common ones to look out for are –

  • Exhaustion – Yes, you feel exhausted and have no energy left in the body to handle either side of life. Even after a good night’s sleep, you do not wish to get up and begin your role as a professional or mother.
  • Lack of motivation – Not only are you disinterested in the activities that once gave you immense pleasure, but also do not feel inspired and motivated. Thus lack of motivation can sap all the energy within you.
  • Irritability – Imagine that when you do not wish to either talk to someone or even get up and work, the hustle of daily life crops up. This will be frustrating, and you can snap at others for no reason.
  • Decreased productivity – One of the common symptoms of working mom burnout is that they find it hard to focus. Additionally, you will struggle to meet deadlines or complete tasks efficiently.

work and life balance

  • Neglecting self-care – Honestly, ask yourself, when was the last time you took time out for yourself? I am sure you are unable to think. Not taking the time to engage in activities that promote relaxation and well-being, such as exercise, meditation, or hobbies, leads to self-exhaustion. 
  • Disconnection – How can you expect yourself to be attached to your family and friends feeling isolated or disconnected from your own self?
  • Physical symptoms – When you are experiencing working mom burnout and ignore the initial signs, the condition is bound to worsen. For example, experiencing headaches, muscle tension, or stomach problems due to stress and anxiety.

If you are currently noticing any of these signs and symptoms in yourself, it’s important to take immediate action to get the symptoms of burnout worse. Before discussing, all the strategies or tips to overcome your burnout as a working mom, don’t forget some things. 

Remember, taking care of yourself is essential for the well-being of you and your family. Continue reading to know what steps you can introduce to beat the unpleasantness of burnout. 

How Can I Be a Good Mom While Working?

It can be difficult to be a good mum while working, and it’s simple to feel guilty or overburdened when you’re always juggling various duties. But you can pursue your career goals while still being a loving and present mother if you have the right attitude and techniques.

Prioritizing quality over quantity is one method to balance motherhood and career. As a working mother, you must spend the maximum time with your kids whenever possible. It could be either in the morning before work, at dinner, or on the weekends.

Indulge in fun activities

Also, you can make the most of these moments by putting all of your efforts into them, paying close attention, and engaging in enjoyable and interpersonal activities. Personally, I find it helpful when I involve my kids in my work life whenever possible.

For example, I’ll show them pictures of my office or bring them to work for a visit. This helps them understand what I do and feel more connected to my work life. Additionally, I try to be flexible with my schedule and make time for important events like school concerts or parent-teacher meetings.

In conclusion, being a good mom while working is all about finding a balance that works for you and your family. I know it is not an easy job! It may take some trial and error, but with patience, self-compassion, and a willingness to adapt, you can thrive as a working mom and be the loving and present mom your kids need.

Ways to Avoid Working Mom Burnout

1. Not Feeling Guilty

One of the biggest things that working moms struggle with is guilt. Many a time, they believe that taking time for themselves or having some ”me time” may be considered selfish. But what’s generally left out is the fact that you would only be able to enjoy yourself with your kids if you are mentally and physically energetic.

To avoid that, you should stop feeling guilty about having some ”me time” and recharge your batteries.

2. Setting Boundaries

Setting boundaries is a very important step in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. You should set boundaries within your workplace to make sure that you have ample time to relax and recharge. Similarly, enough boundaries should be set at home as well to ensure that you are not sacrificing your career.

3. Find a Hobby

Another important step in avoiding burnout as a working mom is to find a hobby and spend some time on it. Hobbies are a great way to distract and give yourself a break from the busy office life. Another potential benefit that hobbies can have is that they help in building and improving bonding among parents and their kids.

4. Meditating

Meditating and Yoga can do wonders for your overall health. This will not only help you in maintaining a calm and relaxing mindset but also improve your overall well-being as well. You can also try out joining a meditation group or Yoga class as it is always better when you do these activities as a group.

Meditation to overcome working mom burnout

Joining a group can also be helpful to make some new friends who go through the same sort of stuff in their lives. Discussing it with them can surprisingly lead to helpful suggestions.

5. Making Sure You Get Enough Sleep

The cure for most stress-related problems is making sure that you get enough sleep. Lack of sleep can only have huge long-term effects on your health. Also, it makes you cranky and more susceptible to getting irritated easily. According to many studies, an average adult should have at least 7 hours of sleep per night.

6. Working Out

It is a well-known fact that working out is one of the best ways to burn off steam. It is also very helpful in releasing frustration. Aside from all this, it also makes you feel good. You can try out exercising as a way to let off steam from work or when things get a little tricky at home.

This will help you in maintaining a good mood throughout the tricky times at home or the office and avoid burnout as a working mom. Also, improves women’s wellness overall.

7. Stopping Comparison

We, humans, have a tendency to compare ourselves. Even though the scenarios may not be the same, we still go ahead and compare ourselves with others. You may compare yourselves to other mothers and feel guilty. But, keep in mind that they all may not have o deal with the same scenarios.

As a working mother, you have your own set of difficulties that others may not face. Comparing yourself with others will not solve anything but only stress you out even more.

8. Get Some Help

Overcompensating can have harmful effects. As a working mother, you obviously are not going to spend as much time with your kids as you want to. To make up for that, you may take on more than you can possibly handle. This is only going to tire you out even more.

There is no shame in asking for help. You could hire someone to do some of the tasks such as cleaning and cooking. You can also ask for help from your spouse and other family members.

Parting Words

In conclusion, being a good mom while working is all about finding a balance that works for you and your family. I know it is not an easy job! It may take some trial and error, but with patience, self-compassion, and a willingness to adapt, you can thrive as a working mom. Also, be the loving and present mom your kids need. This will help you overcome working mom burnout.

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