Is Xenomorph Frog an Alien Species or just a Meme?

Xenomorph Frog image

You must have seen images of a creepy, slimy creature floating all over the internet. After seeing many viral memes and images, people started to believe that the ‘Xenomorph Frog’ or ‘Xeno Frog’ is a real creature.

However, there has always been a debate about the existence of this alien creature. From over 6,000 species of frogs worldwide, no one has discovered such a creature till now. Thus, there is no proof of the actual existence of the Xenomorph frog.

This alien species is a sculpture that a Chinese artist created, Li Changchun. These were all just myths that were spread around the world in 2018 because of the viral memes and images all over the internet. So, if you wanna know what the hype is all about and what xenomorph frog is, keep reading!

What is Xenomorph Frog?

The Xenomorph frog is a sculpture that a Chinese artist, Li Changchun, originally created. This piece of art is made out of clay, ceramics, and raisins. Moreover, it is painted so beautifully that it looks surreal. The color and the shiny look add life to this sculpture.

Xenomorph Frog
Source: Instagram

This Chinese artist specializes in making real-life animal sculptures, and this Xenomorph frog is one of his most famous artworks. There is something special about this one as this sculpture is a Sci-fi based lizard and frog hybrid.

Which is why it gained huge popularity on social media and became a trending meme. However, people started thinking that this was some actual hybrid or alien species that could take over the world someday. Sounds Dramatic, Right?

But in reality, this is just a creation of a brilliant artist and his mind. He usually makes sculptures of animals, but he chose to combine his love of aliens with his skill at creating fantastical creatures (CTNF).

Why this sculpture went viral?

Anything can get viral on social media, and people can make troll on any random topic these days. Similarly, soon after Li Changchun crafted his first xenomorph frog sculpture, a few memes and photographs started floating all over social media, and this creation became widespread social media.

The main reason why the Xeno frog became a meme or viral is that it looks like an alien species. Moreover, people started blowing things out of proportion and which is why this has become such a viral meme all over the internet.

Can you purchase a Xenomorph Frog?

A xenomorph frog sculpture cannot be purchased on the artist’s website. This is why you must buy a xenomorph frog directly from the artist or from the owner of a sculpture if you want to buy one.

There are various ways you can get in touch with the artist of the sculpture and follow them so their social media platform. An excellent approach to support an artist’s work is to buy straight from their official site or page. This will also ensure that you are buying an authentic and original piece of art.

However, various artists have a different ways of selling their creations. Not all artists are available to make a custom order of a specific piece of art, especially if the sculpture is as popular as the Xeno frog.

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